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The Biggest Culprits for Female Hair Loss

The Biggest Culprits for Female Hair Loss

Aspects such as diet, hormones, genetics, aging, and damaging hairstyles are many of the culprits of hair loss.

Female hair loss is an awful phenomenon that we are still trying to make sense out of. A shortened growth cycle might be the main cause of female hair loss, but what messes with the hair cycle in the first place? Aspects such as diet, hormones, genetics, aging, and damaging hairstyles are many of the culprits, but how exactly do these factors cause hair loss? Here’s a closer look at a handful of the most common female hair loss culprits.


Hormones are extremely potent molecules that affect the body in many ways. Many of them can impact the way hair grows, cycles, and metabolizes. If female hair loss occurs due to hormones, it usually has to do with a change in levels such as during menopause or pregnancy. However, hormonal hair loss can also happen with challenges in thyroid hormones and any hormones altered by birth control.


Along with your diet and lifestyle choices, stress can impact the way the body shuttles and manages energy and nutrients. High levels of consistent and constant pressure put the body into a continuous fight-or-flight mode where hair growth is not a crucial function and is reduced in favor of other systems.


A balanced diet is key for maintaining a head of healthy hair. However, with a strict or restrictive diet. The body intricately conserves and manages energy balance and nutrition. So your body knows that your hair is not essential in your life, like your heart, brains, or lungs. So when your body is stressed, or you don’t have enough nutrients, it will shift those nutrients and energy to essential organs and away from your hair. When this happens, the hair follicles enter the “resting phase” of growth. This is one of the leading causes of female hair loss.


Your genetic makeup could also cause your hair loss. However, genetically caused hair loss is a little bit more complicated. With men, over 150 genes are involved, including the hair cycle regulator FGF5 (a protein that starts and stops hair growth.) A similar story is probably occurring in women as well, but more research is needed.

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