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The Best Solutions for Female Cancer Hair Loss

The Best Solutions for Female Cancer Hair Loss

For a woman, losing your hair is very challenging.

If you have been diagnosed with some form of cancer, it will be one of the toughest challenges for you to overcome. One negative aspect that many deal with hair loss as a result of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. For a woman, losing your hair is especially challenging, as it helps define your personality and own sense of style. The good news is that its almost always temporary when you deal with hair loss. Here are some of the best solutions for dealing with female cancer hair loss!

Get Informed

Not every drug out there will affect your hair in the same way. Some only cause gradual thinning, while others might cause your hair to fall out in clumps. Making female cancer hair loss less of an unknown by asking your doctor what will happen is an excellent start to coping.

Prepare your Loved Ones

Depending on their age, your children might be scared or even a bit embarrassed by your hair loss. Let them know what they should be expecting and why treatment is essential for you. The more positive you act, the better they’ll react.

Go Easy On Your Hair

To slow down female cancer hair loss, stray away from any shampoos that contain strong fragrances, salicylic acid, or alcohol. For now, do not color, perm, or straighten your hair with any chemicals. Do not use rollers, straightening irons, or curling irons. Use a soft-bristle hairbrush instead of a blow dryer too.

Rest Comfortably

Wearing a cap or turban around your head during the night can help collect loose hair as it begins to fall out. Do not braid your hair or put it into a ponytail, since both can tug onto it. A silk pillowcase can also reduce friction when you’re sleeping.

Purchase a Wig or Hairpiece

One of the best ways to replace or replicate your old look is with a wig or hairpiece. If you do decide to put one on, do your shopping around the start of your treatment so you can match up the natural colors, texture, and style of your hair. The experts from Wigs and Hair Solutions can help guide you through the wig purchasing process while you are experiencing female cancer hair loss.

Call Wigs and Hair Solutions

Whether your hair loss is minor or severe, talking to a local wig and hair replacement specialist can help. At Wigs and Hair Solutions, you can choose the wig, hair topper, or hairpiece that fits you best. If you’re not ready to wear a wig just yet, schedule a consultation regardless. There are always options for women with hair loss.

At Wigs and Hair Solutions, we help our clients with their hair loss. We specialize in human hair wigs, partial pieces, and toppers to cover any level of hair loss. Whether your hair loss is only temporary or a permanent occurrence, or is medically-related, Bonnie will be able to create the look you want with a high-quality wig, topper, or partial piece.

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